Own shares in a company leveraging the growth of the emerging and highly disruptive crypto economy.

Board of Directors

BlackChain’s Board of Directors brings experience and knowledge from a wide range of backgrounds, including software development, blockchain mining, cryptocurrency trading, finance and banking, risk management, and compliance as well as business development in both startup and growth stages.

  • Zayn Kalyan
    Zayn Kalyan CTO
  • Geoff Balderson
    Geoff Balderson CEO, Board Member
  • Jens Brunke
    Jens Brunke Board Member
  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Board Member

Share Structure

BlackChain Solutions Inc. BIS:CSE

Shares Issued & Outstanding (pre financing)
Shares Issued & Outstanding (post financing)


For investor information please call: 778 938 3367

Investor Deck

BlackChain are dedicated to providing value and serving our investors.

Benefit from exposure to an emerging asset class whilst being shielded from the volatility of a highly speculative industry by owning shares in a company with traditional business methodology and start-up structure operating in an emerging and highly disruptive industry.