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Credit Solutions,
Risk Management,
Financial Analytics
and a Next Generation Development
Platform for the Blockchain Industry


BlackChain Solutions Inc. is a financial analytics and risk management company that is leveraging blockchain technology to transform lending for the rapidly emerging cryptocurrency economy. Building on an industry-proven credit-risk database and software platform, BlackChain provides the tools and services to bring cryptocurrency lenders and borrowers together, with confidence.

BlackChain believes in supporting the growing crypto economy and exists to provide software solutions and infrastructure to new and existing companies, allowing them to leverage our technology and expertise to develop and grow their business.

Using our existing technology for financial risk management and credit rating, combined with a next-generation blockchain developer platform, BlackChainis bringing credit and lending to the crypto economy.

  • BlackChain Credit Scoring API
  • BlackChain Credit Scoring API
  • BlackChain Credit Scoring API
  • BlackChain Credit Scoring API


BlackChain Solutions’ products and services support businesses looking to expand, diversify, or pivot into the cryptocurrency space. Whether already operating in the blockchain economy or looking to transition to the next generation of technological management and automation, BlackChain Solutions has the data streams, support infrastructure, and blockchain development platform for businesses to succeed in this new industry.

P2P Lending Platform

A blockchain-based platform for P2P cryptocurrency lending that leverages our industry-validated credit rating methodology

Blockchain Credit Analytics and Big Data

A distributed blockchain datastore for credit loss data to be leveraged by multiple stakeholders and third parties.

Crypto Credit Ratings

API combines traditional credit rating data with emerging blockchain behavior modelling, to assign credit ratings to cryptocurrency wallets

Prometheus: Browser based Blockchain Application Platform

BlackChain’s next-generation, browser-based blockchain platform can be used for a wide variety of decentralized applications

BlackChain Solutions is constantly innovating and developing new products

Who We Serve

BlackChain Solutions has the products and services for a wide variety blockchain businesses. Our clients range from cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain application providers, and ICO’s, to traditional banks, developers, miners, remittance services, and existing companies looking  to transition their business onto blockchain technology

Blockchain Enterprise

BlackChain provides foundational infrastructure to blockchain businesses through our blockchain development platform Prometheus, Credit Scoring API, data analytics, platform plugins, and innovative software solutions.


Prometheus is a next-generation development platform for browser-based DApps that can be licensed for third-party development or form the basis for collaborative projects.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Our P2P Lending Platform and Credit Scoring System provide to value and opportunity to cryptocurrency portfolios for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, HODLers, and early adopters who form the foundation of the emerging crypto economy.


BlockChain Solutions provides value for investors seeking exposure to an emerging and disruptive industry through a traditional operational approach that shields investors from the volatility of what is still a highly speculative market.

Investor Deck

BlackChain Solutions is dedicated to providing value and service to our investors.

Benefit from exposure to an emerging asset class, while remaining shielded from the volatility of a highly speculative industry. Own shares in a company with a traditional business methodology and start-up structure that is operating in an emerging and highly disruptive industry.